Hollon Safe Black Textured Finish Continental Series Gun Safe C-24

  • $2,000.00
  • $1,750.00

Hollon Safe Black Textured Finish Continental Series Gun Safe C-24

Hollon has released  2020 the NEW C-24 Continental Series Gun Safe. It features a 60-minute fire rating, tested at outside temperatures up to 1400 degrees F. It also features an  fire seal that is heat activated. In a fire, it will expand up to 7 times its original size to keep both fire and smoke out.

The Continental Series C-24 Gun Safe has a solid steel continuous weld body and 1.25" chrome steel locking bolts on all four sides of the door (top, bottom, hinge, and opening side). This helps prevent someone from prying the door open.

The lock selection  the Hollon C-24 Continental Series is your choice of an S&G Type 1 Electronic Lock or an S&G Group II Dial Combination Lock. There is a special drill and ballistic resistant hard plate that will need to be melted in order to penetrate the lock.

Hollon C-24 Continential Series Gun Safe features a deluxe interior with charcoal gray liner. It is painted a textured black finish on the outside. There is a pocket door organizer made of heavy-duty canvas standard. The shelves are adjustable or removable depending on your needs. The Gun Racks are also included.


  • 60 Minute Fire Resistance tested at 1400 degrees F
  • Choice of UL Listed, Type 1 Rated S&G Electronic Lock or S&G Dial Lock
  • Solid steel continued welded body
  • 1.25" chrome steel bolts
  • Deluxe interior with deep gray liner
  • Drill resistant hardplate
  • 4 Bolt Down Holes to secure to foundation
  • Black Textured Finish
  • 3-Spoke Handle
  • Door Organizer Standard


    • Outside Dimensions: 59.00" H x 30.00" W x 21.00" D
    • Inside Dimensions: 55.50" H x 27.25" W x 13.13" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 11.49
    • Weight: 425 Pounds
    • Holds 24 Guns


    • Outside: 59.00" H x 30.00" W x 21.00" D
    • Inside: 55.50" H x 27.25" W x 13.13" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 11.49
    • Weight: 425.00
    • Fire Rating: 1 Hour

      Hollon Safe Warranty & Lifetime Fire Guarantee:

      Hollon Safe backs all our fireproof safes with a lifetime warranty against fire. We will gladly replace and Hollon Fireproof Safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Hollon Safe representative prior to replacement.

      Limited Warranty:

      Hollon Safe warranties 90 days on any labor, excluding digital components, All safes purchased for a period of two years from date of purchase are warranted against manufacture defects. We provide an extended four year warranty on all replacement parts. Extended warranty excludes all digital components. Replacement of safe with the same or a comparable model during the extended four year warranty.

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