Killerspin Pro Lessons

  • $125.00

Take your table tennis skills to the next level with a one-on-one 30-minute video coaching session. Our team of table tennis pros adjust all virtual lessons to the skill level of each player to provide an individualized training and coaching experience. At the end of each lesson, our pros are available to answer any questions regarding technique, rules, and products. Step up your game and schedule a session today - we look forward to meeting you via Zoom!

Ilija Lupulesku (Lupi)

The winner of more than 40 Olympic, International, and National Championship titles, Ilija Lupulesku (Lupi) is one of the most accomplished table tennis players in the United States as well as in his native country of Serbia. He is world-renowned for his amazing quickness and intuition with the ball. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Lupi enjoys coaching players of all ages and levels and helping them reach their full potential in the sport of table tennis.

Felipe Morita

Brazilian Table Tennis Champion and Latin American Champion Felipe Morita is recognized within the table tennis community for his powerful forehand loops and speed on the table. Felipe incorporates his experience as a professional athlete into his coaching, and he has developed numerous table tennis players to national and international success over the past 15 years.

Daniely Rios

The Puerto Rican Table Tennis professional player is a gold medalist at the Panamerican Games and Central American Games. Her signature playing style entails backspin serves, tough block, and flat forehand smash. In addition to her professional career in the world of table tennis, Rios also has great experience coaching athletes to create positive mindsets and game strategies.

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