Rock-Ola Hand Built 'Rare' The 2001 Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox

  • $25,000.00

Rock-Ola Hand Built 'Rare' The 2001 Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox

This is one of the most sought after jukeboxes in the world.

This Rock-Ola "Beatles Yellow Submarine Jukebox" is likely the most rare jukebox of all time. The Beatles' Apple Corp's, strictly limited production to just 100 total units! 

But how did it all begin?  

Mike Ansell, CEO of Lordsvale Sales, Ltd in Hull, North Humberside, designed the Yellow Submarine Jukebox along with two of Apple Corp, own studio artists after reaching an agreement with Neil Aspinall *.  "Apple Corps. have their own people that create the design layout of Beatles merchandise."

The Beatles employed Neil Aspinall as their road manager and personal assistant, which included driving his old van to and from shows, both day and night. After Mal Evans started work for The Beatles, Aspinall was promoted to become their personal assistant, later becoming chief executive of their company, Apple Corps.

The UK version was limited to 100 units and built in 2000 for my company, Lordsvale Sales, by Sound Leisure.  Lordsvale shipped one of the UK versions to the New Jersey Fest, (now known as The Fest for Beatles fans) in March, 2001, the response was amazing. After the show, this jukebox was sent to Rock-Ola in Torrance, Ca. to copy into their cabinet, Apple would only agree to 100 units being sold in the US as they wanted it to be a limited edition. 

Mike Ansell states “These 100 Rock-Ola jukeboxes sold out within a week, nearly all of them went to Rock- Ola distributors around the US . One was sold to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and also Ozzy Osbourne (in the TV series, half way thru the 2nd season, the jukebox with serial number 90017, can be seen in his snooker room). Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne donated their jukebox to charity last year which was auctioned, I heard it sold for around $30,000.” 

The first six UK Yellow Submarine Jukeboxes were sent to Apple, one for storage (they have a huge warehouse in London where they store thousands of Beatles items owned by the group and samples of Beatle products produced over the past 50 years), they also have one in the reception area at the Apple offices. 

Mike Ansell delivered one to Olivia Harrison at Friar Park, one to Paul’s studio near Brighton and one to Ringo at his mansion in the UK. Mike states “I spent the best two hours of my life with Ringo discussing music and hearing stories of the Beatles, have to say he and his wife Barbara are lovely people.”

Yoko had one flown to her in the U.S.

The Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool has a UK Yellow Submarine Jukebox was bought from Lordsvale, Lordsvale also supplied the one in the Cavern on Mathew Street in Liverpool.

The original 2001 Rock-Ola version, features an "Electric Yellow" finish and characters from the film, including the Fab Four, waving from vertical "portholes" on the front, and to top it all off, a group of funky periscopes. 

Complete with two rotating side panels that feature vividly colored pictures of the submarine, along with various characters and creatures from the movie, with bubbles of air perking merrily to the top of the 4 bubble tubes.

This is an opportunity to own a very rare jukebox and a true collectors piece...

  • A 100 CD capacity magazine and an LCD display
  • sybersonic Computer system
  • 360 watt dual stereo amplifier developing over 800 watts peak music power
  • Surround Sound system with (1) 10" DVC subwoofer and (2) 4" two-way coax midrange/tweeters.


In keeping with its high standards of quality, Rock-Ola Manufacturing LLC provides consumer purchasers with a one (1) year (from delivery date) Limited Warranty for normal use only.
This one (1) year Limited Warranty is hereafter referred to as The Warranty Period and is subject to certain conditions (as outlined below).


Rock-Ola Manufacturing LLC will replace any component part which is defective or that malfunctions within the warranty period.


Every component part returned to Rock-Ola Manufacturing LLC  shall be examined.
Malfunctions, defects or failures of  any component parts due to alterations made to the jukebox, improper or negligent use or abuse, or use of the machine for rental purposes or use not in accordance with the Instruction Guide provided with the machine are excluded under this Warranty.

Any attempt to repair/tamper with the machine voids the Warranty. The warranty does not include a refund of the purchase price.

Use of the machine for commercial purposes (other than rental) is covered by this Warranty for a One (1) year Warranty Period only to the extent that malfunctions, defects, or failures of the machine or component parts are not due to alterations made to the machine, improper or negligent use or abuse, or use not in accordance with the Instruction Guide provided with the machine, or normal commercial wear and tear.


In no event shall Rock-Ola Manufacturing LLC be liable for any consequential or incidental damages you may incur in connection with the purchase and use of the machine; including, without limitation, commercial loss or for any incidental expenses, damage from improper use of either machine or products used in the machine, loss of time, or inconvenience.

The equipment must have a valid planned maintenance schedule which must be carried out in accordance with the Instruction guide. All daily checks of the equipment must be carried out in accordance with current Health and Safety Legislation.

Rock-Ola Manufacturing LLC may request the service and maintenance records relating to the jukebox.

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