SureLock Constitutional Double Cabinet 14-Long Gun Cabinet 36000014

  • $1,299.99

SureLock Constitutional Double Cabinet | 14-Long Gun Cabinet 36000014

The 14-Gun Constitutional Cabinet was tactically and innovatively designed to protect what you value most - from the outside in. Our patent pending EasyAccess™ organization system is an industry leading design that virtually eliminates the need to remove all stored items to access equipment stored in the back, or bottom areas. While the easily maneuverable dual, vertical pull-out gun racks are equipped with smooth glide support rollers, that can hold up to 150 pounds each, giving you the freedom to store anything and everything you may need. The center shelving area is great for storing ammunition or passports, etc. as well.
Our SecureCharge™ system allows you to discreetly charge, or power, items in the cabinet via the pre-cut hole in the back. The high-density, adjustable barrel rests provide spacing ridges to prevent damage, allowing you to safely store your guns with scopes attached. No overlapping, no scratching, and no stacking. This is what we call – innovation. 


Backed by a three-year warranty.

Dual Constitutional Cabinet | 14-Gun features

Dimensions: 30” W x 60” H x 22” D
Weight: 173 lbs

  • Patent pending design
  • Gun capacity: 14 Long guns
  • 20-Gauge steel body
    • 19-Guage steel door
  • Shelving for storage of small arms or ammunition and parts
  • EasyAccess™ organization system
    • Smooth glide support roller
    • Pull-out vertical gun racks
    • Heavy duty drawer slides
      • Supports up to 150 lbs
  • SecureCharge™ system
  • High density foam barrel rest
    • Prevents damage and provides spacing
  • 3-Point lock bars
  • Powder coated mocha finish
  • 3-Year warranty

Electronic lock

  • 100,000 Combinations
  • 1 – 6 Digit combination options



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