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Blackstone Griddles: Comparing 36 Inch and 28 Inch Models for Optimal Cooking

Blackstone Griddles: Comparing 36 Inch and 28 Inch Models for Optimal Cooking

Griddles have long been a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, providing versatility and efficiency in preparing a variety of dishes. Among the numerous brands available, Blackstone griddles have earned a special place in the hearts of many backyard chefs due to their solid construction, impressive performance, and user-friendly features. Whether cooking for a small gathering or a large party, a Blackstone griddle can serve as an essential tool in creating delicious and satisfying meals.

Blackstone 28 Inch griddle


Two of Blackstone's most popular models are the 36-inch and 28-inch griddles. The 36-inch griddle boasts a large cooking surface that easily accommodates multiple dishes at once, while its four independently controlled burners ensure precise temperature control. This model is perfect for those who frequently entertain large groups and need the flexibility to cook various types of food simultaneously.

On the other hand, the 28-inch griddle is a more compact option, making it an ideal choice for smaller outdoor spaces or those with limited storage. Despite its smaller size, this griddle still provides ample cooking space and includes two burners that offer excellent heat distribution and control. The 28-inch model retains many of the same high-quality features found in the 36-inch version, making it a solid choice for those seeking a powerful yet space-saving outdoor cooking solution.

Blackstone Griddles Overview

Blackstone Griddles are a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts seeking a versatile and reliable grilling solution. These griddles come in various sizes, with the 36-inch Original Griddle and the 28-inch Original Griddle being among the most sought-after models.

The 36-inch Original Griddle offers a generous cooking surface of 35 3/4" W x 21 1/2" D, making it suitable for large gatherings and family meals. It features four adjustable heat controls, allowing for precise temperature management across the entire griddle. A rear grease management system helps keep the cooking area clean, while the magnetic toolbar and side shelf hooks provide convenient storage for tools and utensils. The foldable side shelves and paper towel holder add to the practicality of this model.

On the other hand, the 28-inch Original Griddle is an ideal option for those with limited outdoor space or smaller gatherings. Despite its smaller size, it still offers a substantial cooking surface and the same rear grease management system as its larger counterpart. The 28-inch griddle also comes in various configurations, including a model with an integrated hood and a culinary edition with a rangetop.

Both the 36-inch and the 28-inch griddles are powered by multiple burners, enabling users to create distinct cooking zones for different types of food. This way, they can cook delicate items like vegetables and seafood without risking overcooking or charring. These griddles operate on propane, ensuring a quick and efficient heating process.

One noteworthy feature of the Blackstone Griddles is their versatility. Outdoor chefs can use them for various cooking techniques, including grilling, searing, frying, sautéing, and more. By offering multiple cooking zones, these griddles cater to the needs of both amateur cooks and professional chefs alike.

In conclusion, Blackstone Griddles, available in both 36-inch and 28-inch models, provide a convenient and reliable outdoor cooking solution for all skill levels. Their adjustable heat controls, rear grease management systems, and the option to create multiple cooking zones make these griddles an excellent choice for enhancing the outdoor cooking experience.

The Composition of Blackstone Griddles

Blackstone Griddles offer a unique cooking experience, especially if you prefer outdoor cooking. The two popular options – the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle and the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle – have a few key differences but possess similar attributes in design and materials used.

The cooking surface of both griddles is made of solid steel, providing durability and excellent heat distribution. The 36-inch griddle features a larger 720 square-inch cooking area, whereas the 28-inch version offers a slightly smaller space. Nevertheless, both sizes cater to varying cooking needs, be it for small gatherings or larger events.

Powerful burners lie at the heart of these griddles, with the 36-inch model boasting four independent heat controls, supplying a stunning 60,000 BTUs of heat capacity. The 28-inch version, although smaller, still packs enough power to cater to diverse cooking requirements.

Both griddles come equipped with stainless steel components, offering excellent resistance to corrosion and ensuring longevity. This high-quality material provides a professional-grade cooking experience, which is one of the reasons why Blackstone Griddles are so popular among outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

A convenient feature of these griddles is the inclusion of side shelves. These shelves, also made from stainless steel, provide ample space for placing cooking utensils, condiments, and prepped ingredients. This added convenience makes the overall cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient.

In conclusion, the composition of Blackstone Griddles showcases a perfect balance of functionality, durability, and design. Whether you opt for the 36-inch or the 28-inch model, you can confidently rely on their solid steel surfaces, powerful burners, and stainless steel components to deliver an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience.

Burner Power and BTUs

Blackstone 36 inch griddle

Blackstone griddles come in two popular sizes, the Blackstone 36-inch Griddle and the Blackstone 28-inch Griddle. These outdoor cooking stations provide ample cooking surface and adjustable heat controls to help achieve consistent and delicious results.

36-Inch Griddle Burner Power The Blackstone 36-inch Griddle features four burners, with each burner producing a cooking power of 15,000 BTUs, totaling 60,000 BTUs for the entire cooking surface. This cooking station includes a side shelf for added workspace and four industrial-strength wheels for easy mobility. The griddle's dimensions are 64.5 inches L x 25.8 inches D x 36 inches H, and it weighs 141 pounds.

28-Inch Griddle Burner Power The smaller Blackstone 28-inch Griddle offers slightly reduced cooking capabilities due to its size. This outdoor griddle features two burners, though its total cooking power is not mentioned in the search results. The dimensions of the 28-inch griddle are 44.5 inches L x 19.5 inches D x 33.5 inches H.

Both griddles provide adjustable heat controls, enabling cooks to maintain consistent temperatures across their cooking surface. Their solid steel construction ensures excellent heat retention and distribution for even cooking. In conclusion, the choice between the two sizes depends on the user's cooking needs, space availability, and personal preferences.

The Grease Management System

Blackstone griddles, both the 36-inch and 28-inch models, come with an efficient grease management system. This feature helps users keep their cooking space clean and ensures hassle-free cooking by channeling grease away from the griddle surface.

The rear grease management system is an impressive innovation found on the 36-inch Blackstone griddle model. It prevents grease from running down the griddle legs and ensures that the grease is evenly and effectively collected for a simple, mess-free cooking experience. This is achieved by directing the grease flow towards a built-in grease cup.

The 28-inch Blackstone griddle, on the other hand, has a front grease management system that requires users to ensure that a wooden grill skewer is touching the front of the grease trough's little hole. Although the system is still effective in managing grease, there is also an aftermarket accessory that can be purchased for around $20, specifically designed to funnel grease and streamline the cleaning process.

With proper usage of the grease management system, maintenance of both 36-inch and 28-inch Blackstone griddles becomes more manageable. By paying attention to the grease collection and regularly cleaning the griddle surface, users can enjoy a satisfying grilling experience.

In conclusion, Blackstone griddles' grease management systems, whether rear or front, provide a cleaner and more efficient cooking area. This not only helps users achieve better cooking results but also allows for easier griddle maintenance, prolonging the life and optimal performance of the equipment.

Cooking Area and Space

The Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle offers an ample cooking area with 720 square inches of cooking space available for users to create their culinary masterpieces. This space is divided into four burners, each with independent heat controls, which together provide a powerful output of 60,000 BTUs for rapid and effective cooking. This larger griddle is perfect for those looking to cook for larger groups or to host outdoor parties and gatherings. With its solid steel construction, it delivers not only durability but also excellent heat retention and distribution.

On the other hand, the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle offers a more compact option for those with limited space or smaller cooking needs. Its cooking space measures 448 square inches, which is still sizeable enough for various dishes and cooking styles. This smaller griddle comes with two burners and shares the similar solid steel construction as its bigger counterpart, ensuring the same level of quality and performance.

In terms of preparation space, the 36-inch griddle outshines the 28-inch model. The extra surface area proves to be useful, providing more room for accessories, cooking utensils, and placing ingredients while cooking. This makes it easier for the cook to multitask and ensures they have all their cooking essentials within reach.

Ultimately, the choice between the Blackstone 36 Inch and 28 Inch Griddles comes down to the user's personal cooking needs and available space. Both models boast excellent construction, performance, and cooking capabilities. However, those looking for greater cooking area, or to entertain larger groups, should consider the 36-inch griddle, while others with more modest space requirements might find the 28-inch model to be a suitable option.




Hood and Cover Options

Blackstone griddles are popular for their convenience and versatility in outdoor cooking. To prolong the life of your griddle and protect it from harsh weather conditions, it is essential to invest in a durable hood and cover. Blackstone offers a variety of options for both the 36-inch and 28-inch griddles.

The Blackstone 36" Griddle Hood Cover is designed specifically for the 36-inch griddle. This weather-resistant cover secures in place with durable buckles that clip on the sides, ensuring a snug fit even in high winds. Made from high-quality materials, it provides ample protection against the elements for your griddle.

For the Blackstone 28" Griddle, there is a similarly designed cover that matches its size. Both covers can be used with or without the optional hood, making them versatile and suitable for different needs.

In addition to the standard covers, Blackstone also offers a hard cover for the 36-inch griddle and the 28-inch griddle. This hard cover is made of heavy-duty materials and serves as a protective barrier when the griddle is not in use, preventing debris from accumulating on the cooking surface.

Another accessory to consider is the Blackstone hood. The hood not only protects the griddle from the elements but also helps to trap heat, promoting even cooking and reducing cooking times. The hood is compatible with both the 36-inch and 28-inch griddles.

In conclusion, selecting the right hood and cover options for your Blackstone griddle is crucial for the protection and durability of your outdoor cooking equipment. With a variety of options available for both the 36-inch and 28-inch griddles, you can find the perfect fit to suit your needs.

Blackstone Griddle Price Range

Blackstone offers a variety of griddles to fit the needs and preferences of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. As you may now know, two most popular models are the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle and the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle. These griddles are known for their durability, cooking performance, and versatility.

The Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle is a 4-burner hard-top griddle that provides ample cooking space and is perfect for grilling enthusiasts looking for a larger, more heavy-duty option. With a hard top for added durability and foldable side shelves for extra convenience, this model is priced at around $449.00 with a hard cover and high shelves.

The Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle, on the other hand, is a slightly smaller and more affordable option, featuring two burners for separate cooking temperatures. This model also includes removable side shelves for easier storage. Prices for the 28-inch model can be seen within the $25 - $50 range, with higher-end options like the 28" Griddle with hood and front shelf being priced at $379.99.

Blackstone often offers sales and discounts on their products, so it is essential to keep an eye on their authorized retailers like us here at Luxe Homes Club.

To sum it up, Blackstone griddles cater to various budgets and cooking needs. Whether one is in search of a larger griddle or a more compact and affordable option, Blackstone has something for every outdoor cooking enthusiast to enjoy.

Sizes: 36 Inch vs 28 Inch

The 36-inch griddle offers a larger cooking surface with 720 square inches of cooking space, which is approximately 38% more than the 448 square inches available on the 28-inch griddle. This additional space enables the user to cook more food at once, making it quite suitable for events or outdoor parties.

In terms of dimensions, the 28-inch griddle measures 44.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 33.5 inches and weighs 75 pounds, while the 36-inch griddle measures 40 inches by 25 inches by 14.5 inches and has a weight of 134 pounds. The difference in size and weight can influence the portability of the griddles, with the 28-inch being easier to transport and maneuver due to its lighter weight.

The Blackstone 36-inch griddle also comes with more preparation space, making it convenient for users who require additional room for food preparation, cooking tools, and accessories. The cooking surface of the 36-inch griddle is made of 22x36" cold-rolled removable stainless steel, providing support across the sides and back to prevent food and accessories from falling to the ground.

No matter which size you choose, both the Blackstone 36-inch and 28-inch griddles offer an efficient and versatile cooking experience. The decision should ultimately depend on the individual's cooking needs, space availability, and preference for portability or additional preparation space.

Electronic Ignition System

Blackstone Griddles, such as the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle and the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle, are well-known for their high-quality construction and ease of use. One key feature of these griddles is their electronic ignition system, making grilling more efficient and enjoyable.

The electronic ignition system is designed to provide a quick and reliable way to start the burners on your Blackstone Griddle. This eliminates the need for manual ignition methods, such as using a match or lighter. The system typically requires an AA battery to operate, ensuring that your griddle is ready to use whenever you need it. This battery-powered igniter makes it easier and safer to start your griddle, so you can begin cooking without any hassle.

Blackstone Griddles with electronic ignition systems are equipped with either 2-burner or 4-burner setups, depending on the model. They are designed with a push-button igniter that makes starting your griddle seamless and efficient. The Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle ignition system even features an easy-to-replace and install igniter kit, which ensures your grilling experience remains consistent and reliable over time. Similarly, the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle ignition system delivers excellent performance with a life cycle of over 30,000 times, capable of handling various temperatures and conditions.

The electronic ignition system in Blackstone Griddles not only enables a more convenient and efficient grilling experience but also contributes to the overall safety of these products. By avoiding the use of open flames for ignition, the chances of accidents or flare-ups are significantly reduced, allowing for a more enjoyable grilling experience. Moreover, the reliable ignition of the burners ensures even and consistent heating across the griddle surface, promoting proper cooking and delicious results.

In conclusion, the electronic ignition system is a vital feature of Blackstone Griddles, as it leads to greater convenience, safety, and cooking performance. By streamlining the startup process and ensuring consistent ignition, this feature greatly enhances the grilling experience for any user.

Accessories and Additional Features

Blackstone griddles offer a versatile cooking experience, and to make the most out of it, a variety of accessories and additional features are available. These include, but are not limited to, paper towel holders, adjustable heat controls, and enhanced performance capabilities.

A paper towel holder is an essential accessory for maintaining a clean cooking surface on your Blackstone griddle. It ensures that you have paper towels readily available to wipe down the griddle surface during and after cooking, which helps in keeping your griddle in optimal condition.

Moreover, Blackstone griddles such as the 36-inch and 28-inch options come with adjustable heat controls. These allow the user to modify the temperature of the cooking surface while cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. Temperature controls help in achieving precise cooking results and enable you to cook a variety of dishes to perfection.

An essential aspect of the Blackstone griddle experience is its additional performance capabilities. By using customized griddle accessories such as griddle hood covers, hardcovers, and toolsets, you can elevate the efficiency and longevity of your griddle. These enhancements not only have practical benefits but also improve the overall aesthetic of your outdoor cooking setup.

In conclusion, Blackstone griddles offer a wide range of accessories and additional features that cater to the varying needs of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. With options like paper towel holders, adjustable heat controls, and numerous performance-enhancing accessories, users can create a personalized and enjoyable cooking experience.

The Blackstone Cart and Furniture

Beyond the griddle itself, there are also options for carts and furniture that provide added functionality and convenience to your cooking experience.

High-quality carts and furniture are specifically designed to accommodate the Blackstone Griddles. They offer features such as additional storage, side shelves, and mobility for an all-in-one outdoor cooking station. These additions serve as both a practical and stylish solution for organizing your grilling tools and accessories.

One example is the Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Cart, which is foldable and easy to transport. This cart not only increases the workspace for your griddle but also provides ample storage and easy mobility.

Blackstone Griddles carts and furniture come in various styles and materials, like stainless steel or powder-coated steel, making them highly durable and ideal for outdoor use. The choice of cart and furniture ultimately depends on individual preferences and the specific features needed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

In addition to carts, there are also optional accessories like griddle covers and carrying bags to protect your investment and ensure longevity. By selecting the right combination of griddle, cart, and furniture, you can create a versatile and efficient cooking space for all your outdoor culinary adventures.

Portable Options

Blackstone offers a variety of portable griddles that cater to different outdoor cooking needs. These griddles come in compact sizes, making them convenient choices for picnics, camping trips, or tailgating events. One popular option is the Blackstone 17" On the Go Standing Griddle with Hood, which is both portable and functional.

The Blackstone 17" On the Go Griddle features a 267-square-inch cooking surface, providing ample space for cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner while you are outdoors. It is designed with an integrated grease tray, allowing for easy cleanup after each use. The griddle is compatible with 1-pound propane bottles, ensuring a reliable and convenient fuel source for your outdoor cooking adventures.

Besides the 17" On the Go Griddle, Blackstone also offers the 28" Original Griddle as a portable option. This griddle has a 470-square-inch cooking surface and is equipped with two independently controlled burners, giving you greater control over the cooking temperature. The 28" Original Griddle is easy to assemble and can stand on a sturdy cook station base or be folded for transport.

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts can further enhance their griddle cooking experience with Blackstone's range of griddle accessories, such as the 6 piece stainless steel tool set. This set includes essential utensils designed to make cooking on your portable griddle even more enjoyable.

In summary, Blackstone provides a variety of portable griddle options for those who love outdoor cooking. With options like the 17" On the Go Griddle and the 28" Original Griddle, you can choose the perfect griddle size for your needs, while enjoying the convenience and functionality that comes with these reliable products.

Reviews and Feedback

Blackstone Griddles have gained popularity among outdoor cooking enthusiasts due to their versatile and user-friendly design. A variety of models, such as the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle and Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle, offer spacious cooking surfaces and powerful burners to create a delightful outdoor grilling experience. Users often leave positive reviews highlighting the many benefits of these griddles.

The Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle comes with a 720 square inch cooking surface and four independently controlled burners. Users have praised its powerful burners and even heat distribution that consistently delivers delicious results. However, some reviews mention that the grease drain system could be improved for easier cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle offers a slightly smaller cooking area but still maintains the excellent performance and durability that users have come to expect from Blackstone products. Customers appreciate its compact design, making it a suitable option for those with limited outdoor space.

Accessories also play a crucial role in enhancing the overall grilling experience. The Griddle Accessory Toolkit has received a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from 436 reviews, while the 2 Pack Cast Iron Conditioner boasts a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from 833 reviews. These high ratings suggest that customers thoroughly enjoy using Blackstone Griddles alongside their recommended accessories.

A more compact and portable option from Blackstone is the Tailgater, with a 4.1 out of 5-star rating based on 244 reviews. Users love its versatility and ease of transport, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently cook away from home.

Overall, Blackstone Griddles have received positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers. The confident, knowledgeable, and clear tone of these reviews emphasize the reliability and ease of use of these high-quality outdoor cooking appliances.

Foods You Can Cook On a Blackstone Griddle

A Blackstone Griddle is an incredibly versatile piece of cooking equipment that caters to a wide variety of foods. The flat top grill surface offers consistent heat and is perfect for cooking items such as meat, vegetables, and breakfast items.

Meat dishes are particularly enjoyable on a Blackstone Griddle. Both the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle and the Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle provide ample space for cooking steaks, burgers, and chicken. Chefs can expect a beautiful sear on their proteins due to the even heat distribution on the flat top grill. Skilled users can even achieve restaurant-quality results, as seen in dishes like cheesesteaks.

Vegetables become delightful when cooked on the Blackstone Griddle as well. The flat top grill's large surface area allows for great versatility, and the direct heat brings out the natural flavors of the veggies. Options such as grilled peppers, onions, and zucchini can be prepared with ease, providing a delicious and healthy cooked meal.

Breakfast items are another favorite of Blackstone Griddle users. With its widespread heating surface, it's easy to cook hash browns, eggs, bacon, and even pancake recipes like cinnamon French toast. One can also concoct flavorful dishes like chorizo breakfast hash on the large cooking surface.

Using a Blackstone Griddle gives you the freedom to cook various dishes while ensuring that they are cooked evenly and precisely. Its flat top grill surface offers a consistent and optimal cooking experience, making it an invaluable tool in any backyard kitchen.

Where to Purchase Your Blackstone Griddle

Thinking of enhancing your outdoor cooking game? The Blackstone Griddle is undoubtedly a top choice to consider. Whether you're drawn to the fan-favorite Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle or the compact Blackstone 28 Inch Griddle, it's essential to know the best avenues to make your purchase.

Enter Luxe Homes Club – your premier online destination for all Blackstone products. As authorized dealers, we guarantee authentic Blackstone griddles, ensuring that you get the best quality available. Plus, our customer service is unparalleled, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

While other retailers like Walmart, Ace Hardware, and Dick's Sporting Goods do offer Blackstone Griddles, the advantage of purchasing from Luxe Homes Club is the certainty of getting genuine products directly from an authorized dealer.

Sure, the official Blackstone Products website is there for those who wish to shop straight from the source. They occasionally offer exclusive deals and discounts. But with Luxe Homes Club, you gain the benefit of dealing with a specialized team, dedicated to the Blackstone range, always ready to guide you to the best choice tailored to your needs.

Tractor Supply Co. might cater to rural customers, but why limit yourself? With Luxe Homes Club's online platform, accessibility is never an issue, no matter where you reside.

In conclusion, when on the hunt for a Blackstone Griddle, Luxe Homes Club should be your top destination. We ensure top-quality, genuine products, combined with exceptional service. So, gear up for some delightful outdoor cooking and let us be a part of your culinary journey!

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