Athena Olympus Round Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table ORNDFT-444418

  • $3,649.00
  • $3,249.00

Athena Olympus Round Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table ORNDFT- 444418

Athena Olympus Round Fire Table is a modern high-quality gas fire pit made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Its classic design, inspired by Greek gods, is available in five colors. Beautifully constructed, this gas fire pit is an outdoor centerpiece that is sure to turn heads and add warmth to any outdoor living space. Gather around it and make memorable moments with friends and family.

Athena Olympus Fire Table can be used with natural gas or liquid propane, both orifices are included. Made of GFRC, this fire pit table can definitely last many years in the outdoors. GFRC is a green engineered material that is durable and lightweight. It has a high load-bearing capacity and made to withstand the intense heat of the fire.

This round fire pit comes in five colors - Charcoal, Gray, Bone, Rust, and White, you can be sure that your Athena Olympus fire table can complement your patio, deck, or any outdoor space's decor. 

Though this gas fire pit is match lit, it does not come with the toxic fumes and soot of traditional fire pits. Its burner comes with a stainless steel pan to hold fire pit media. Optional media include cannon balls, lava pebbles, rocks, and fire glass.

Make your outdoor gatherings more memorable all year round, this outdoor centerpiece can double as a table when not lit. Add beauty and warmth to your outdoor living space with an Athena Olympus Gas Fire Pit Table.

What's Included: Round GFRC Fire Pit, Round Drop-In Pan with Burner, NG & LP Orifices, Flex Line, Fittings, Key Valve, and User's Manual

SKU: ORNDFT- 444418

  • Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • Five Colors: Charcoal, Gray, Bone, Rust, or White
  • GFRC Fire Table
  • Stainless steel pan and burner
  • Match lit
  • Optional media: cannonballs, lava pebbles, rocks, and fire glass
  • Fire Table Dimensions: 18" H x 44" W x 44" D
  • Weight: 390 lbs
  • Round GFRC Fire Pit - 1 pc.
  • Round Drop-In Pan with Burner - 1 set
  • 1/2" x 1/2" Natural Gas Orifice - 1 pc.
  • 1/2" x 1/2" Propane Orifice - 1 pc.
  • 1/2" FIP x 5/8" Flare Straight - 1 pc.
  • 5/8" OD (1/2" ID) 24" Flex Line - 1 pc.
  • Key Valve - 1 pc.
  • User's Manual

Athena Fireglass offers only the highest-grade fire glass found within Mount Olympus. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, the Athena team searched the tallest peaks of Greece to bring a stunning, reflective fire media alternative for your ideal outdoor space. Enhance your patio and bring an out-of-this-world experience to your home for years to come!


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