Sports Afield 55x26" Gun Safe 40 Min Fire Rated DOJ Security SA5526

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Sports Afield 55x26" Gun Safe 40 Min Fire Rated DOJ Security SA5526

If you are looking for a durable and high-quality gun safe to keep your firearms and ammunition safe and secure from unwanted use, the Sports Afield Basic Gun Safe SA5526 is the perfect one for you! But if you have a bigger collection of guns and rifles to store but like the Sports Afield Instinct Series Gun Safes' features and specifications, check out the Sports Afield Instinct Series Gun Safes today! The Sports Afield SA5526 Basic Gun Safe is basic. It fits inside of a closet with dimensions of 55.00" high by 26.00" wide by 18.50" deep. This gun is perfect to fit for a cabinet

Sports Afield's SA5526 Basic Gun Safe will cater up to 30 guns. There are adjustable shelves inside as well. The outside is painted with a black textured finish and has a three-spoke handle.

Sports Afield has one of the best warranties in the business. The SA5526 Basic Gun Safe comes with a Lifetime, no-hassle warranty against theft, fire, and natural flood. It also has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on electronic lock, parts, and paint defects.

  • Description: Fire Rated Safe
  • Outside Dimensions: 55.00" H x 26.00" W x 18.50" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 53.00" H x 24.00" W x 15.63" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 11.51
  • Fire Rating: 40 Minutes at 1200 degrees F. Proven to maintain an interior temperature of fewer than 350 degrees F
  • Expandable Palusol fire and smoke seal
  • Security Rating: California DOJ
  • Lock Type: Electronic Lock
  • Weight: 315 Pounds
  • Color: Black Textured
  • Gun Capacity: 30
  • Steel Walls: 14 Gauge
  • # of Steel Bolts: 4 - 1" active bolts and 2 deadbolts
  • Steel Bolt Size: 1.00"
  • Relocker: Yes
  • Override Key: Yes
  • Shelves: Two Adjustable Shelves
  • 4 pre-cut anchor holes


Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D): 55" x 26" x 18.50"
Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 53.00" x 24.00" x 15.63"
Internal Volume: 11.51 cu.ft.
Gun Capacity:  30 Guns
Burglary Rating: CDOJ
Fire Rating:  40 Minutes at 1200 degrees F. Proven to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350 degrees F
Lock Type: Electronic Lock
Number of Steel Bolts:  4 - 1" active bolts and 2 deadbolts
Steel Bolt Size:  1"
Weight:  315 lbs


Electronic Lock:

  • Fully programmable digital electronic lock.

Fire/Security Rating:

  • 40-minute fire protection at 1200 degrees F.
  • Smoke and fire door seal maintains the interior temperature of less than 350 degrees F.

Construction Safety:

  • 14 Gauge steel walls with full welded seams.
  • 1.00" steel bolts with pry-resistant recessed doors and re-lockers.

Industry Best Warranty

Sports Afield gun safes are a top choice for gun owners looking for high-quality storage solutions for their firearms. Our safes are made with thick, heavy-duty steel and feature advanced locking mechanisms to keep your guns secure. They also come with a variety of convenient features, such as adjustable shelving and lighting, to make organizing and accessing your firearms easier. In addition, our safes are tested and certified by independent organizations to ensure that they meet the highest standards for security and durability. With a Sports Afield gun safe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your firearms are stored safely and securely.

At Sports Afield we stand behind our products by providing the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. If a problem does arise, we provide exceptional customer service to resolve all issues. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the purchase of their Sports Afield safe.

  • Lifetime, no hassle warranty against theft, fire and natural flood – free shipping.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, electronic lock, paint defects.

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