Superior 45" Linear Direct Vent Fireplace Electric Ignition DRL3545TEN

  • $4,799.00
  • $3,999.00

Superior 45" Linear Direct Vent Fireplace with Electronic Ignition DRL3545TEN

Transform your favorite indoor space into a chic, contemporary lounge with the Superior DRL3500 Direct Vent Linear gas fireplace! The clean, unobstructed opening provides an incredible view of the flames, while in-floor LED lighting sets the mood for a cozy, relaxing evening at home.

Achieve a look that perfectly matches your style with a black reflective porcelain liner, two decorative surround options, and three vibrant fire glass colors. You can also pair a bed of sparkling fire glass with optional ceramic driftwood gas logs and river stones for a modern-meets-rustic burning display. Standard tempered glass and an included protective screen guarantee years of safe, memorable fireside experiences for the whole family.

Equipped with an electronic ignition system and battery back-up, the Superior DRL3500 Direct Vent Linear gas fireplace effortlessly creates a comfortable atmosphere with a built-in, heat-circulating blower. Cycle through six blower speeds to set your ideal room temperature, and adjust the flame height and illumination settings with the included Proflame II multi-function remote control.

  • Low-profile design
  • Standard tempered glass and included protective screen
  • Two liner options
  • Comes with Platinum reflective fire glass
  • Three fire glass colors
  • Optional ceramic driftwood gas logs and river stones
  • Two decorative surround options
  • Electronic ignition with battery backup
  • In-floor lighting kit with six settings
  • Six-speed blower system
  • Proflame II multi-function remote control

    SKU: DRL3545TEN
    • Type: Direct Vent
    • Style: Linear
    • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
    • Venting Type: Direct Vent
    • Ignition: Electronic Ignition
    • Overall Width: 45 1/2" 
    • Overall Depth: 17"
    • Overall Height: 24 3/4"
    • Maximum Heat Output: 23,000 BTUs 
    • Certifications: ANSI Certified
    • Viewing Width: 50" 
    • Viewing Height: 16 3/4"
    • Venting Diameter: 4.5" x 7.5"
    • Control: Remote
    • Item Weight: 101 lbs. 

    Superior Fireplaces offers impressive fireplace products for residential and commercial spaces. Their promise? Offer "superior" products and service designed to "wow" customers and exceed expectations on every level. Innovative Hearth Products, the owner of the Superior Fireplaces brand, is based in Nashville, Tennessee, with factories in Russellville, Alabama, and Auburn, Washington.

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